Dead And

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Documentary producer Jung has won a documentary award. Unfortuately for Jung, the documentary was a trumped-up story and PD Jung has been demoted to a position in the province which he doesn't like. He is just spending his time drinking alcohol and hanging out with ladies in a bar. One day, he hears about a hundred year old wild ginseng from Jung-bae, who is a wild ginseng broker. PD Jung thinks this is a great chance to be reinstated in his position in Seoul. So, he goes and visits Sun-sam, who is famous for finding wild ginseng, a so-called 'Simmani', to get permission for filming a documentary with Jung-bae and Sang-gook, his additional production personnel(AD). Finally, he gets permission from Sun-sam and starts to film. However, people feel something very weird, and some of them get killed while they film the documentary in the middle of the mysterious mountain. PD Jung decides to find out the secrets people are hiding.


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