Tiger in the Zoo

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Chong er and San yuan, who are gangsters, lived in a small city northeast of China. They felt lost and confused about the future. San worked at a factory. He and Chong helped Qi ge, the gang leader, to collect debt. Chong despised his vocation and wanted to become a cross talk actor. Lei fu, an entrepreneur, looked down upon Qi. Qi did nothing considered the scale and influence of Lei's company. Lei's project failed thanks to San. He was furious. The dispute was ended through the mediation of his old friends. San was beaten, and his hatred grew deeper. Chong's life was not as good as expected. The money he saved for learning cross talk was not in use. Qi finally got a chance to defeat Lei. However, there was no real winner in this battle. Lei's company went bankrupt. San kept on living an aimless life, while Chong left the small city and kept on pursuing his cross talk dream.


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